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From Our Family Farm to Your Family Table

"My family has been farming the same land in Southern Sicily for over a century. Situated in the unspoiled Valley of The Temples, we have a European Certificate for Organic Farming. I oversee the production process of our olive oil, from tree to table.
I have spent most of my life living and working on our farm. It wasn't until I fell in love with a girl from the UK, that I made the decision to leave my home country and start a new life in Yorkshire. 
When I first arrived in the UK, I opened a coffee shop in Keighley, West Yorkshire. Business boomed and locals soon began to notice the quality of the oil used in the traditional dishes we served.
Regularly traveling back to our farm in Sicily, meant I often had to close the coffee shop. Before long, it became evident that it was time to close this business and focus my attention on making Guiliano's Olive Oil commercially available in the UK. "
- Giuliano


Guiliano and his Girlfriend


 ‘Extra Virgin’ is the finest grade awarded to an olive oil. To meet the criteria for this grade, it must have an acidity of below 0.80%. Giuliano’s Sicilian Olive Oil is certified at 0.02% and unlike cheaper, mass-produced alternatives, the taste of our handpicked olives remains.


We are passionate about good quality, organic foods and the health benefits they provide to those who consume them. Giuliano’s organically grown olives are cold pressed on the day of harvest to preserve the naturally occurring antioxidants that other oil production methods destroy.


The fruity and peppery flavour of our extra virgin oil offers further assurance that, unlike some manufacturers, we only bottle what we grow and what we grow is second to none!



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